“Hello folks, I’m Ollie.. from “The Hey Ollie Show”. I’m a native of the great city of Baltimore, born and raised. Been here 31 lovely years. I’m not your typical show host. I don’t like to surface-think. I like to get to the root of the issue or even just a different way of looking at things in general. I like to ruffle feathers and shake up the norm. I’d like to see people be more open to their flaws and love themselves more. I’ve been on and off the music scene (stage name Ollievoso). Off and on there mainly ’cause of the over saturation of whack rap being respected more than true art. But I have so much to say I had to find a way to say it and hope it can be heard. So I’m tackling the podcast realm of the world. Hopefully you guys and gals come along for the ride as I try to navigate through tough issues, dig down deep and hope people see that what I’m bringing to the table is a truthful open aspect of the life we live. And stop avoiding situations because there tough. And fight the good fight even when your world seems to be against you. Will you help me fight the good fight?? I hope so.”

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